In The Beginning...

In The Beginning...
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Monday, February 27, 2012

The old girl is dead

Unfortunately, my trailer was totally collapsed in a windstorm a few months ago. I'm sorry I took so long to post this, but was just reminded of this blog by an email from a very nice lady with a similar trailer. I had totally gutted my Shasta Compact, and had removed a great deal of her skin. Because there was so much rot in the framing, I had the skeleton braced up to keep it standing. I went to bed one night fully expecting to work on the trailer in the morning, only to find a pile of rubble where I left my trailer!

The damage was so extensive that I scrapped everything but the frame and Shasta badges, as well as the door an a few parts that may get reused. I plan on building a new trailer on the frame much like the original, at least in spirit. She will no longer be a true Shasta, but she will still wear the decals.

I will probably start a new blog about building the new trailer, and don't intend to post anything further here. I will, of course, provide a link to the new blog as soon as I get things started.

Thanks to all of you for following along.

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